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10/21 6pm PDT Feel the Burn: Chemical Play w/ Miss Mackenzie

10/24 2pm PDT The Awareness of Mental Health and Power Exchanges

10/25 2pm PDT Kidnapping Without Jail Time

10/26 6pm PDT A Naturalistic Framework for Magical and Ritual Work w/ Mark Green 

10/27 6pm PDT Deepening Your Submission w/ Auntie Vice 

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Coffee. Kink. Community.

Since 2009, it's been our mission to make a safe space to explore kink, queer and sex-positive community. That means a place where we can be ourselves, in all our parts. 

From our live & online classes to munches & game nights, we aim to create a space where kinksters and other cultural revolutionaries can gather, cross-pollinate, and build community. 

We are proud of the podcast, educational videos & other programming that we offer through our Patreon

We have always offered high-quality toys made by kinksters for kinksters, and aim to have the widest selection of BDSM non-fiction on our shelves. 

Due to COVID-19 precautions in San Francisco, we are not currently serving food & drink (except for bottled drinks during our Boutique hours). But we hope to come back with our unique milkshakes and coffee drinks soon! 

My go-to café any time I am in San Francisco, Wicked Grounds is the perfect combination of sexy destination point and casual community watering hole. I bring my laptop and hole up with a sandwich and mocha, or meet up with friends to cuddle on a couch in dress leathers. Whether coming by to buy a book or enjoy vegan pastries, I love Wicked Grounds. Let's all support this beautiful gem! 

Lee Harrington
Kink Author & Educator

Wicked Grounds is the perfect blend of café and kinky community, with an aroma of coffee and leather. It's a sex-positive space to meet up and openly discuss anything ... But it doesn't stop with overheard quotes -- for which, Wicked Grounds takes the cake! The comfortable environment of kink and consent extends from the lifestyle and wares for sale, to the modeling of a space brimming with respect and care. Every city should be so lucky to have a kinky café

Jiz Lee

Finding us - live & online!

Wicked Grounds Cafe & Boutique is at 289 8th Street, just before Folsom in beautiful downtown SOMA, San Francisco. 

Looking for Wicked Grounds Annex? Go two doors south to 293 8th Street, and up one flight of stairs. Follow the signs!

Looking for virtual classes? We ticket through Brown Paper Tickets, and you'll get a Zoom webinar link one hour before the class starts to the email you signed up with!  

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